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Partnership & innovation

Over the years of us working with various organizations, we have observed & understood,  that most of the ideas and innovation is proposed and executed by the users and business stakeholders,  with some industry innovation and practice. 


We strongly advocate the need for building an innovation culture, which is mostly superimposed under continuous improvement centers. 

There are multiple engagement models to build capacity and capabilities to innovate and deployment frameworks. S There 


Innovation Center 

Innovation is every organization's continuous requirement, open innovation is becoming a regular  is becoming a regular practice, living the philosophy of "Thinking out of the box", the open innovation literally harnesses innovation from the open ecosystem, outside the organization.

We partner with the organizations to build an intrinsic capability & culture for continuous innovation and also build plug and play frameworks leverage open innovation.


Established benefits of Open innovation 

  • Keeping up with the pace of high paced technology changes & external knowledge

  • Synchronization of the internal practices with validated innovation 

  • PoC & testing without deep engagement of internal resources 

  • Focus on building internal capabilities and knowledge proprietary to the organization internally 

  • High speed/ accelerated innovation/ deployment cycle through extended resources 

  • Cost effective engagement models

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Building innovation Center

Building innovation along with the corporate has multiple engagement models, while the fundamentals & objectives remain common

Continuous improvement culture: Understanding the internal evaluation and review framework for the organization, identification of opportunity/ improvement areas. 

Capability Creation: Building team's capability to understand the new methodologies, technological innovation and adaptable models for improvements.   

Prioritization: Development of priority frameworks and models to focus on targeted areas to build innovation.


Innovation cohort: Co-creation of innovation cohorts through the agreed engagement models. solutions that are relevant and fit within the current structures. 

Deployment structures: Defining the partnerships (as required), resource allocation/ development & capacity to build the solutions shortlisted. 

Review Framework: Understanding current review frameworks or committees within the organization and plugging the innovation review framework.

Talk to us for your innovation requirements 


There are various models that fulfill the transition and leverage the capabilities of both "Traditional innovation" & "Rocket Process Model". It is important to make the most of the current & prevalent innovation models in the organization and abridge that with the available/ harnessed innovation through external resources. 

Some of the models that can be created in isolation or through a comprehensive program as per the maturity of the organization, problem statemets(s), need for speed of execution and more.  

Our community of 5,000+ startups and 50+ ecosystem partners, enable the innovation across organizations.

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