Consulting Intervention across 230 organizations & counting

Assets adivised - $200 Mn & Counting

Organization size diversity $1 Mn to $Bns

Digital Livelihood for 1,500+ individuals

Work span from IT, Finance to Agri, Dairy

Our Work

We specialize in simplification & hence implementation of business practices, models, revenue streams. We have been participating in business growth, process definition, optimization & co- creation for over a decade and have built "On the ground" methodologies which are easy to adopt, implement and are affordable in nature. 

The work diversity ranges from livelihood projects in community building or Agri to technological innovations through latest technologies across corporate.

Scale may differ from organization size of 10 to 10,000 and businesses have ranged from $1Mn to $Bns, our approach of working through fundamentals has borne success across industries.

Some of our work product is here! 

Process Engagement - Venture Debt Company

Organization setting up one of the first venture debt fund organization ventured out for process structures that can be translated into scalable systems  The current portfolio is in excess of $200 Mn

Revenue Enhancement - Education Tech company

An AI based education technology company, looking to optimize cash flows and enhance revenue (half a million dollars) through leveraging expanded opportunity landscape & building markets . 

M& A 

Dairy Business expansion 

A premium milk business vendor looking for expansion in the filed of pouched milk and enhanced processing capacity (1.5 Lakhs Litres/Day). The capacity enhancement and diversified product range also offered geographies. 

Business modeling - 

Bio fertilizer businesss

Rebuilding the collapsed business of a scientist working on bio fertilizers for years. The business model changed through innovation in production & distribution management generated additional $0.5 Mn

Technology  & Compliant solutions - Insurance 

Solutions for Insurance company such as compliant broker solutions, innovative Claims management & further paperless solutions. Transition from  Legacy to Saas solutions, processing  

Quality Management System

Digitalization of quality management processes across multiple industries & organizations with deployment in 7 countries. The system scopes beyond just the quality process and to HR, accounting and multiple functions  

Over a Decade of  Transforming Organizations  

GKConsulting was formed to build a culture of innovation, efficiency & Continuous improvement. 

The organization has been created with strong "On the ground" practices, which is a simplified representation and practical implementation of various innovation methodologies  and plan succession better.

Our methods are highly simplified and adoptable. Our solutions work with the organizations for internal improvement, improved and innovative business models, access to technology, support to explore, build and also the sales infrastructure through enterprise community, retail distribution, Digital Community and multi channel interface.  

Our Services

Business Management

Business Management interventions enable organizations to transform their business processes by making them more efficient, agile, measurable, transparent, and scalable. 

Enterprise Management

Enterprises have multi faceted needs and need support across board with innovations through technology, sales, people management or even managing their brand and position in the industry 


A multi channel distribution set up, especially created for services & product, the channel offers interface through 30,000+ points 


Learning & Development is every organization's need, there is a lot of internal knowledge creation & SMEs within the system, there is a need for 

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Business Legacy Management

Indian ecosystem is undergoing a major generational shift, there is continuous need for evolution of the systems & models to stay abreast with current... 

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