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Converting technology into business

We partner startups through multiple interventions, such as market evaluation, business model creation, Intellectual property support and Financial management 

The operations services help startups build the process ecosystem to build the product/business, to the point of scale and manage 

CFO Services 

Our specialist team work with the organisations to offer financial services, which helps them build finance function. 

The services comprise are as follows

  • Virtual CFO/ Interim services that would work with the team to build the team/ function & also act as In-house CFO services  to  

  • Special purpose/ Assignment based services for the CFO requirements. 

  • Function development - Creation of processes and policies for the finance department.  

  • Definition of roles & responsibilities of the function, execution of the tasks and processes 

  • Compliance management through framework, building string audit function and reporting  

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Process Compliance 

Our framework & the systems help audit the processes, conduct an audit, develop diagnostics, documentation of the processes. 

Continuous improvement framework, that builds the capacity and capability within the organisation.

Technology Development

Our tech development platforms, help the startups expedite the develop cycle by 2-3 times. 

The experts can support the startups or organisations through building the application at startups, incubators or accelerators.

Inetellectual Property Management 

The expert team partners with the organisation for evaluation/ assessment of the IP, identify the monetisation potential for the ideas

The team is here to identify the patentability, develop documentation structures, file the patents with the right and relevant authority. Capability to file patents across multiple countries, such as India, Australia, Canada & US. 

The diversity across technology, Pharma, Agri & many such domains



Financial Models

Building business models for the startup innovators. The business model that works with the technology, that builds the market & eventually financial model attached to the innovation. 


The team helps analyse the use case, develop GTM plan & commerce attached to the innovation 

Coaching & Mentoring

Our certified professionals help the founders and team members with the right mindset, growth possibilities and development 

The systems and processes contribute to the success of the partner organisation. The continuous programs in partnership with ecosystem. 

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