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IT Services 

IT product development is a requirement for all organizations today, IT enabled businesses are sustenance and scale essential for future. 

Our capabilities support organizations in product development, IT services, staff augmentation & multiple engagement models. We partner with the organizations to develop and meet innovation needs of the companies. 

The frameworks meeting contemporary & legacy system requirements, technology development  & comply to global standards. 

Product Development
New Age Technologies
Legacy System
Automation Testing

Robotics Process Automation

Process Automation comprises of most of the automation requirements to accommodate current and future business needs. 

RPA builds standardization, compliance and scale to the process organization by building automation in standardized repetitive tasks. 

Our framework used across the industries assist them to develop their processes through the modular platform, which is drag and drop capabilities. The low code platform offers the agility and adaptability to the technology architecture, especially through multiple integration models with platforms, such as Salesforce, Servicenow, JIRA and many more. 


The Solutions have been built across industries such as BFSI, Telecom, healthcare, Automotive & many more. There are standard processes, such as F&A, Procurement, Sales and building innovation with the organization. 

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Conversational AI 

Customer experience processes and technology requires continuous innovation & improvement to offer the rich "moment of truth"   

Our solutions, not only work towards building a rich interactive experience, but also explore possibilities to direct cash flow and revenue generation possibilities


The voice bot can support 20 global languages and counting, with the industrial diversity and impact it brings to the businesses. 

The business contribution ranges from BFSI, Retail, e-commerce, D2C organizations to build outbound and inbound experience with customers 

Some of the illustrations may be, collections of more than Rs 300 Crores for EMIs, premium persistency collected for Rs. 200+ Crores for insurance organizations, cart abandonment management for e-commerce/D2C set ups or supporting logistics set ups with the processes. 

Low Code - No Code

Agility and adaptability have become critical decision making metrics for businesses to define "Cycle time to Deployment/ market", as an outcome. 


Our composable blocks based architecture has been helping insurance companies to build & manage complete business lifecycle 


Acceleration of insurance distribution and sales through agents, enabling comprehensive agent onboarding, day to day activity enablement, performance management, commissions, lead to cash lifecycle execution, augmentative customer interactions and servicing


Insurance Product Configurator enables insurance lines of businesses to intuitively digitize complex product and price definitions into a single source of truth without tedious IT and manual activities, seamlessly propagate consistent product data into relevant systems of records, and catalyzes business processes for digital buy journeys, servicing journeys, and product launches. 

Workflow and Case Management offering enables new age digitization optimizing visibility, processing accuracy, cycle time and operating costs, change needs, human interventions, and decisions by connecting role-based activities, optimized task handling, processes rules, data, events, AI-based augmentation services, existing BPM technology, and business systems into a unified, seamless digitization platform.

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Data Analytics 

As they say, Data is the new oil, however, the analytics, insights and actionable intelligence are the vehicles that are fueled by it. 

Our capabilities in data analytics across domains and industries  through various methodologies, such as Understanding of the textual and statistical data captured by computers and classifying it into proper intents.

The diversity through technologies, such as Computer vision, AR/VR, multiple structured and unstructured data sources and derive inferences, through the product deployment of service interventions 

Quality Management Systems

Process Standardization is one the major requirements of the organizations through various standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and many standard and its clauses which may require building your own QMS with documents and forms.

Our solutions, allow the document management capabilities, which lets you store documents securely, restrict/ manage document access, access documents anytime anywhere, search and retrieve documents easily. 


Working with multiple systems and stakeholders, with the capability of uploading QMS Documents/ Processes, build HTML forms matching fields in your document. Release forms and documents when they are ready.

In addition, it integrated with cloud set ups to upload/ create, edit documents. Collaborate and share online with members. Auto indexing of documents, search, approve, publish, issue.


The system is already deployed at various industries and geographies, while standardizing and monitoring process/ quality health.

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