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Group Insurance Product

A ready product that can manage the entire customer lifecycle through one application, especially the complexities master policy creation and management. 

The product has already been scaled to process more than a million policies through the biggest insurance company in the country 


One of the leading employee lifecycle management solution, deployed to manage thousands of employees across multiple organizations. 

Solution has been deployed across multiple industries, such as manufacturing, ITES, BFSI, startups and more verticals 

BRD Generator 

System that generates the business requirement document, especially for financial products within minutes 

The system has more than 30,000 rules, that manage the parameters, product specifications & internal application universe 

It saves 40-50% of the product launch time

Dashboard generator

Most of the organizations have multiple systems and data sources , our dashboard generator accumulates the data through multiple integration methodologies 

The system creates cross referenced dashboards to provide insights & information to the business teams, that enable informed decision making 

Do you have a business problem that requires technological intervention?

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