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Reports. Carbon Credits. Solutions


1. Regulatory requirements - Environmental, social & governance compliance for effective reporting, to the clients & government

2. Current & future funding - ESG requirements are increasingly becoming critical to avail funding from large and international funds 


3. Business opportunities - It is becoming imperative to comply to ESG standards to obtain business opportunities with organizations of certain size and scale or geographies (especially cross border')  


Our technology

Our technological solution is an easy to use, complete & intelligent platform to drive and transform the ESG performance, ESG reporting and ESG risks for organizations of any size and any industries. Our unique #ESGAI, world’s first Gen AI-powered Copilot for ESG Reporting do the heavy lifting in collecting data and drafting the ESG report as per your need.

  • Guided data collection

  • Assessments tracker

  • Forms builder

  • Dynamic data aggregation

  • Risk computation

  • 360° data views

  • Reporting studio powered by AI

  • Incidents & Tasks mgmt.

  • Dynamic dashboard, KPI trends

  • Alerts & Notifications


Carbon Management

We are a globally recognized organization that has validated and verified greenhouse gas (GHG) projects worldwide. Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional third-party assurance, training, and knowledge services in the realm of climate change and sustainability on a global scale, ensuring impartial and competent support

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Accredited by all the major greenhouse gas programs, we stand as one of the foremost Validation Verification Bodies (VVB) globally.


Implemented over 2000 projects focused on climate change and sustainability across 50 countries spanning 6 continents.


Offering services across sectors such as oil and Gas, Power, Transportation, Banking, Mining, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Forestry, Chemical

Accreditations & Program Audit

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Audit Framework 

We have a well established audit framework which works with multiple industries & enable with the compliance & reporting requirements 

  • Baselining & diagnostic exercise with respective organizations 

  • Gap analysis of the aspirational standards 

  • Roadmap creation with the organization 

  • Creation of review framework 

  • Development of the sustainability report 


Fulfilling the requirement through internal and external requirements, such as

  • Deployment of energy monitoring systems 

  • Waste management processes and machines as required 

  • Carbon credit trading & management to ensure meeting sustainability standards

  • Internal communication strategies 

Financial & Process Audits 

  1. Initial Assessment: Understanding your organization's objectives, processes, and regulatory requirements. This phase involves gathering relevant documentation, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and identifying areas of focus for the audit.

  2. Audit Planning: Based on the initial assessment, we develop a detailed audit plan outlining the scope, objectives, methodology, and timeline for the audit. We work closely with your team to ensure minimal disruption to your operations during the audit process.

  3. On-site Audit: Our team of auditors conducts on-site visits to observe processes in action, review documentation, and gather data. We utilize a combination of interviews, observations, and document reviews to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes.

  4. Analysis and Reporting: Once the audit fieldwork is complete, we analyze the findings to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We prepare a comprehensive audit report that includes our observations, recommendations, and action plans for addressing any identified deficiencies.

  5. Follow-up Support: Our commitment doesn't end with the delivery of the audit report. We provide ongoing support to help you implement the recommended changes, monitor progress, and continuously improve your processes.

Tax Audits 

  • Seasoned team with cumulative experience of 100+ years of experience conducting the audits and report submission. 

  • Using audit as a tool for growth and improvement through technology. 

  • Assessing the reporting and technological infrastructure & implementations 

Cross Border Compliances 

  • Auditing and management of cross border transactions 

  • Compliance and adherence to overseas transactional requirements 

  • Banking support, reconciliations with receivables, payables and processes involved in transactions 

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