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Process Transformation- Multiple frameworks 
Latest technological products 


Processes documented 

Process across functions and industries documented and frameworks aligned to organizations capacity and capabilities 


Industries & counting 

Multiple industries, such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing e-commerce, logistics and more.


Standard & Custom automation tool 

Standard systems and custom tools as per organizations, using RPA, AI & internal products integration 


Subject Matter experts 

A team of experienced subject matter experts developed internally and through extended ecosystem 

Our documentation system

The system developed for organizations documenting the processes in isolation or need to develop architecture to establish visibility across organization. The system enables you to establish 


  • Process standards acceptable internally

  • Creation of process organization

  • Process relationships 

  • Documentation through multiple documentation types, such as word, excel etc. 

  • Storage and version controls 

  • Record/ document management for audits  


Process documentation

Process Architecture Development

Development of end-to-end process architecture, which helps define the relationship, data handshakes, controls, especially cross-functional & roles engaged in the process ecosystem. 

The architecture helps the organizations to establish the change management impact on related processes. 

Digitalization opportunities 

Understanding and evaluation of processes for technological interventions. We have the tools such as FlinkISO, or custom development in lines with the internal application ecosystem. 

Methods/ framework such as Lowcode- no code solutions or Robotic Process Automation to enable the processes. 

Capacity Creation 

Creation of capacity with the partner organization through various methods, such as, creation process/ business excellence function, org structures and documentation framework 

Training and creation of process champions within the organization(s). 

Train the trainer, certification programs, process documentation training, review and audit champions

Capacity creation.png

Transaction monitoring

Most of the operations processes within an organizations require a quality checks which would require to meet the process standards

We build systems, & frameworks, which allow transaction monitoring capabilities through systems & processes.  

Continuous Process Improvement

Creation of business excellence function, which builds and works on continuous process improvement structures 

Establishing baseline, improvement methodologies & roadmap to achieve improvement outcomes 

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