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Outsourcing Ecosystem

With the capability of developing multiple solutions across domains and industry, we offer distinct advantage of blending automation with the partner outsourcing ecosystem. 

The outsourcing through our COPE (Center of process excellence) framework extends automation opportunity, which offers cost reduction by 20-25% of the processing budgets over the period. 

The ecosystem bring in the flexibility of working in multiple geographies, skill sets & processing lakhs of transactions through technology and outsourcing 


SOP factory 

Management of your SOPs documentation, review and management of your organizational SOPs through our experts, who have the experience of working on more than 3,000+ processes and SOPs. The experience across domains, industries and changing technological environment offers efficient and compliant documentation.  Our flexible engagement models offer cost efficient and scalable models.

Financial & accounting 

The experience of managing 1 million+ transactions through the team of experts. The compliance management of over Rs. 2 Bn +  in the field of 

Intellectual Property 

The team which helps to identify & develop patents for the business exclusivity. The expert team helps to: 

  • Patentability & defense of the idea 

  • Development of collaterals & intellectual property

  • Filing and granting of the patents 

  • Legal and operations work through our India and international teams 

  • Experience across 5 different countries  

BFSI processes 

Our ecosystem & partner network extends the capabilities of banking and insurance processes with the experience of managing the collection processes for 7+ banks, 4 Insurance companies. The experience of collecting more than 200cr+ & Insurance processes including medical underwriting, COP, building additional business of 15 Cr+. 

The engagement models, extend the flexibility of managing process through technology, processes and people.  

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