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More than a decade of Operations, GKConsulting has worked across multiple industries offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable. It has been helping organizations align their leadership and talent with their strategy. We believe that the quality of our guidance is established in the diversity of our people, their pledge to your success, and their dedication to overcoming your toughest challenges.

With constantly changing business dynamics, businesses face the need to enhance their leadership capabilities and synergies at the Board and Executive levels to create powerful & highly effective strategies that lead to consistent growth. Growth models nowadays are difficult & complex, especially with dynamic ecosystems and ever-changing technology. At the same time, a business alignment that ensures adaptability and agility to embrace modern requirements is a key constituent of business growth.

Mukesh Malik.png

Mukesh Malik

Business Transformation 

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Rajeev Talwar

Finance & ESG 

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Bharat Phulsunge

Process Innovation & Management

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Amit Saneja.png

Amit Saneja

Learning & Development 

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