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Banking Solutions 


Customer expectations with banking is changing with fast digitalization, especially in Indian ecosystem, which is evolving at a great pace. Transparency, agility, speed, compliance are necessities & not a delight factor anymore. The experience and expectations require an ecosystem of applications to fulfill requirements. 

We enable institutions through process management, automation and building customer convenient processes to enhance the experience, while managing costs and compliances.  

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Some of our technological capabilities through RPA enabling lean and scalable process automation, along with conversational AI strengthens & enhances/empower customer experience. The objective is to build efficiencies while contributing to the revenue directly.


The ecosystem 

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Multi Channel Processes

Multi-channel processes : Today, customer experience happen across multiple touchpoints, its important to have seamless and standardize interaction.   Our solutions, build interface across all digital  & conventional touchpoints, such as, IVR, Telephony, e-mail, whatsapp, and more.

Banking_Manual Process

Manual Processes : The industry is filled with person dependent processes. The processes are critical to business to work within the compliance requirements & yet cost effective.   Our multi - technology approach enables the banking organizations, help build efficiency & scale.

Legacy systems

Legacy Systems:  The systems and processes had been adopted early & hence now have the legacy systems and processes, which require overhauling and integrations with new age systems     Our solutions have the agility & integration capabilities to work directly with the legacy systems, with easy integration.


Compliance & regulation: Highly regulated operations and processes, are a critical business requirement for baking and financial institutions.  Click here to get n touch   Our solutions build systems, with right information management, tracking and user compliance. Especially, in today's digital age, right dashboards, process control are critical.


Harnessing & Implementing innovation: Most of the organizations may not have access to outside innovation & process agility challenges. We support organization s through our innovators communities and innovation center programs

People dependency

Talent dependency on customer experience, closure of open tickets and queries to ensure smooth closures. The organizations need to fill up Our application universe enables the organization with standardized, consistent, and predictable processes. The solution also empowers teams to track and close the tickets/ resolution with the customers/ clients.

Current Business needs 


  • 5 Million+ Loan Applications: Processing loan applications while reduction of processing time by 50%. More than 200 bots work towards loan applications across 32 different types of loans for one of the leading banks in India. 

  • 1 Lac+ leads targets MoM: Usage of bot across 3 languages through multiple channels such as SMS, Whatsapp. It brought 18% enhanced efficiencies compared to manual process, with 55% reduction in user engagement costs.   

  • Collections across 12 loan products: Bots in 8 languages to work on 2.5 Million loans. The intervention brought the process. The process reduced the cost by 68%, which also enabled collection of Rs. 120 Crores+ over the project cycle of 8 months.  

  • Loan Origination Systems: Enabling financial organizations with the possibilities of integrating with the distribution set ups, third party networks, KYC compliance and the initiation requirements for loans processing.  

  • Third party products: Integration of products, such as Insurance and other financial products, however, all this needs to be executed without compromising the customer experience. The global system with seamless integration with the core insurance systems with innovative and agile engagement models. The system allows plug and play for the distribution and the extended layer to source and execute business.  

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