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Healthcare Industry

The world's healthcare requirement changed tremendously. Timely and local healthcare accessibility is becoming a basic requirement. Ease of access, interface is an implied requirement by the patients/ families. 

The healthcare facilities and organizations are also upgrading with the advent of digitalization, IoT, new age devices & evolving business models, such as Telehealth, Health record management.  

The intervention by our team, helps you to identify the possibilities of innovation and scale with the current processes and business practices. However, the industry is grappling with some of the challenges, as mentioned here 

  • Poor data integrity and lack of effective management systems

  • Lacking coordination between the advanced tools

  • Data privacy and security concerns

  • Existing silos with collaboration challenges  

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The solutions are enabling healthcare organizations through efficient workflows, digitalization, interface with the multiple sources of information and application. 

Some of our work 

  • Patient appointment scheduling: The RPA bots manage the appointments at various healthcare organizations, one such illustration has helped saving 7,000+ man hours, with 60% improved efficiency. Conversational AI capabilities also help building Virtual assistant capabilities for smooth patient/ professional interactions.  

  • Revenue Management and billing: Revenue cycles and billing criteria include frequent code changes which could be challenging for internal healthcare systems. The adaptive RPA solutions have helped organizations process millions of dollars through systems built through our platform.

  • Round the clock Virtual Assistant: The conversational Voice bot offers, 24X7 capabilities to support patients through information about treatments, hospitals, doctors, diseases, and drug dosage. 

  • Discharge Summary Management: The conventional method of providing a discharge summary to the patients at India's leading Hospitals chain involved a cumbersome print-sign-scan-store routine in obtaining signatures from the patient’s attending doctors. The hospital implemented digital signatures with MSB Docs for providing signed discharge summaries to their patients without any paper hassle.

  • Research & Paper Management: From R&D to clinical testing, successfully launching a new drug requires many signatures and approvals from stakeholders worldwide. A leading pharmaceutical can no longer afford to deal with paper and manual signature processes to make product development life cycle efficient. They adopted eSignature and document workflows by us to eliminate such cumbersome paperwork.

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