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Innovation in Logistics

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Logistics & Supply Chain

In the ever changing technological space n logistics, and supply chain requirements increasing with the changing business models in the peripheral industries, the process management and customer experience has become the highest priority. Our approach and the process supports building a cohesion between the actual delivery and information management. 

Some of the focus areas, where we support organizations

  • Definition and improvement of the Value chain: Process architecture, including, back office operations like updating customer details ,current status and ETA, scheduling a delivery, or tracking 

  • Service excellence and innovation: Multi channel approach, that create a better client/ customer experience through multiple interface, for respective size and scale. 

  • Technology & Analysis: The automation through RPA, Conversational AI, Deep analytics, big data, has helped the clients to work with the improvement and innovation possibilities. 

Some solutions

  • Shipment Scheduling and Tracking: Our RPA solutions help automate manual shipping tasks—from the initial pick-up request to checking and reporting shipment status between internal systems and portals. Extract shipment details from incoming emails, log jobs in your scheduling systems and provide pick-up times in customer/carrier portals, all with robots.

  • Capturing, Researching and Closing Out Loads: Third party carriers and suppliers undoubtedly gives an opportunity to grow your business. But it also brings the increased manual tracking from multiple systems. One common example of this is the use of couriers or fleets of vans for less-than-load (LTL) shipments.
    The software robot can automatically scan and capture carrier website data like PRO number, track/trace information and invoice amount streamlining the capturing, researching and closing loads using RPA. 

  • Streamlining Communication: Effective communication between customer and service provider is carried out through email communication. Auto-emailer and notifications can be sent through the system when the order is processed, shipped or delayed to maintain customer experience. In addition, Leverage software robots to regularly query carrier tracking systems/websites and retrieve proof of delivery information. Link the data to the original order record in your warehouse management system for better tracking and faster responses to customer inquiries.

  • Speed Invoicing by Integrating Systems with Customer Portals: Eliminate re-keying, cutting-and-pasting and manually attaching data to invoices. Automatically extract shipping data, attach scanned PODs and invoices and update customer portals in seconds, rather than days.

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