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Manufacturing & Automation

Implementation Ecosystem 

Manufacturing & Automation

Organizations  throughout the sector are working towards the need for change by realigning & defining themselves, current business set and offerings.

Core industrial enablement & automation has been the key to the success of one of our biggest economy drivers. We have multiple intervention methods to improve or build scale/ automation opportunities across functions and verticals 

The solution diversity has worked across problem/ opportunity areas to build efficiencies & achievement of objectives. Shop floor processes, along with stakeholder and customer interfacing touchpoints. 


Robotic Process Automation
Process Center, Operations
Robotics (1)

What we do!

  • Purchase Order Creation: Building the thousands of purchase orders through RPA interventions, the process helped reduce manual intervention and has enabled organizations with better risk control and fraud prevention.

  • Inventory Management Solutions: The systems have supported inventory management requirements through RPA, Digitalization, e-signatures, managing assets across industries, such as automotive, pharma & more.

  • Digital Ecosystem: Working across systems while building efficiencies. Seamless integration with system in online and offline fashion, for instance, integration with systems such as Salesforce, Servicenow, JIRA and even excel upload of lakhs of records in few seconds.   

  • ERP Automation. There are a lot of legacy systems across industries, ERP is an important system for any manufacturing unit. RPAs can automatically process and verify financial processes across functions in different systems, automates stakeholder interactions.

  • Integrated systems: Manufacturing companies use different system at multiple locations as per the requirement. This creates silos of data as these systems cannot integrate and data has to be handled manually slowing down the entire process. RPA can read and write data in any system without actually integrating making it possible for incompatible systems to integrate each other. This helps in reporting and dashboard for decision making.

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