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Centre of Process Excellence

Centre of Process excellence, as the word suggests that the centralised body in an organisation that has leading-edge knowledge and competency in a particular area and is comprised of highly skilled individuals and experts. A CoPE works horizontally across business units (BUs) or product lines within a BU and disseminates knowledge/best practices in an organization.

The key component for a Centre of Process Excellence within the organisation is to provide specialized knowledge, best practices, and resources to improve business operations, enhance customer experience, and drive innovation. 


The centre  brings together a team of experts with skill sets and experience to provide guidance, support, and training to the organization's employees, along with  helping  insurance companies stay competitive in the market by continuously improving their products and services, streamlining processes, and leveraging technology to deliver superior value to their customers. The COPE is a critical component of the organisation's transformation journey, helping organisations navigate complex business processes.

"Automation not necessarily simplify processes, Simplified processes get automated more efficiently" 

Every organization has inherent processes, however, its mostly fragmented, or lacks structure/ documentation, understanding change impact and change/ version management for the processes. 

Our team partners with your organization to build the framework, manage it and enable the team to own the framework & drive it. 


Identification of the process architecture, creation of the framework, documentation, building process & knowledge repository, controls/ audits, capability development through learning/ certification programs and more.   

The Framework 

 services, build relationships with clients, and determine future needs..png

How does this work

Since we are working with you to improve your processes, we always remember that you are the champion and understand the need & duration of the engagement. Since, you are in the middle of the challenges or opportunities a process improvement/ excellence may offer, it is important for you to drive the pace/ urgency of the situation. 

Consulting Clinics: Our modes and methods allow you to start with a prescriptive consulting, where your internal capabilities drive innovation through your own capacity & not necessarily through a deeper expert engagement on day to day basis. It operates like an OPD consult, where you could be prescribed the immediate solution and managed through the review process. This has allowed many organisations to dig deeper in their own capabilities and drive the project. 

C & C: Upon understanding the business needs, there is deeper engagement through capacity and capability creation through programs specially designed for the organisation. our team works towards building internal infrastructure, team capabilities, PoCs, success transfer to the assigned team. 

COPE Development: The program develops a complete centre within your organisation, that includes listing the opportunity areas, developing priorities, infrastructure, team and the framework to operate the COPE within the bounds of the partner organisation structure. It will offer measurable outcomes from the process centre developed, which is aligned to organisation's performance metrics. 

Co-Creation: These are specially designed programs, that work with a cluster of organisations with common business challenges/ limitations. It operates like a shared excellence centre, which offers the organisation the agility and luxury to simulate & visualise multiple approaches/ solutions/ models under the guidance of experts, without disturbing the current operations. The initiate would bring an ecosystem together, which will complement the partner organisations' requirements.   

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