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Process Management . Innovation . Partnership

Business Process Management

We partner with you to understand the organizational a strategy, build a executable and agile process architecture. Every organization has its own inherent processes and management, we specialize in understanding the core, align them with measurable outcomes and define frameworks, with development and improvement are inherent to the culture and organization.

"Automation not necessarily simplify processes, Simplified processes get automated more efficiently" 

Business process management help identify the opportunity to execute, make them fliexible and agile, & scalable. With the experience and diversity, we can be your trusted partner in the event of building or improving the current Business Process Management Systems. 

Process Center- As a service

Every organization has inherent processes, however, its mostly fragmented, or lacks structure/ documentation, understanding change impact and change/ version management for the processes. 

Our team partners with your organization to build the framework, manage it and enable the team to own the framework & drive it. 


Identification of the process architecture, creation of the framework, documentation, building process & knowledge repository, controls/ audits, capability development through learning/ certification programs and more.   

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Digital Process Automation

  • Process automation through process simplification and using technological advancements through customized systems, BPM software, RPA set ups that are aligned to your processes.

  • The process & systems do not just focus on internal processes, but also customer facing process innovation & modern tools, such as AI/ML   

  • The process mining tools to understand, map and build a continuous improvement framework. Process digitalization tools are effective change management enablers.  


Our team co-create the capabilities with your organization & build scalable set ups  

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Process Excellence 

We specialize in building a specialized organization within the organization, focused on building efficient, effective process set ups. The organization would focus on building, monitoring and improving the process culture, frameworks and build scale with the new innovations.

There are multiple frameworks, aligned to culture, industry and focus core of the organization. The team works with the current process organization, set up the measurement frameworks & build them along with the organizational goals and objectives.  Its mostly a blended approach with the right mix. With decades of expertise across domains like Design Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, TRIZ and several more helped us evolve i3 a blended approach for todays time when innovation = survival​

It has been observed, that most of the organizations, build a wonderful process management initiation, however, controls and audits requirement continuous review and embedding the learnings, that is required, So a continuous capability development center needs to be built for the owners to understand the value and methods of audits, compliance and adherence of the processes. We have our experts, who build and empower business/ function owners with the capabilities. 

Process improvement is an inherent objective of building a process excellence center. We have been working with the organizations to build internal and external certification capabilities, building champions. The improvement opportunities identified, managed and measured through right interventions. 


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